Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well I am a big fan of technology, but I get annoyed like most other people when new versions of software just do not work with older hardware.

My current complaint is with Parrot ARDrone 2.0, I received  one as a Christmas gift only to find out that even though they claim support for iPad's and other iDevices they do not mention you have to the latest hardware to get the full functionality. Unfortunately I have an iPad 1 which is not upgradable to the latest IOS and therefore cannot run Version 2.x of the ARDrone software. It is very disappointing to get such a wonderful gift to only use part of the capabilities without dropping a bunch of money on a new iPad.

I have found an interesting piece of software which looks to be very helpful in my desire to start tinkering with robotics in the future. It has a plug-in for the ARDrone 1.0 with support for my ARDrone 2.0 coming...

I hope to have more posts about that.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first computer,

This is a RCA 1802 microprocessor evaluation board and yes I bought it 30 years ago. It came with 256 bytes of memory, but I upgraded it to 3072 bytes. I could be communicated to by RS232 or Teletype. I did have a teletype with paper punch to store programs on, but too large to keep.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first blog post.

I have decided to start a blog about my interactions with technology in my personal life. It seems like I have always been involved with computers and electronics. Until 8 months ago whenever I did just about anything technology related it was ALWAYS in relation to how it would affect or relate to my working life (I was a computer consultant). Last spring I was offered a job.... I thought long and hard about it and decided that I needed a change in my life, TOO MUCH was about work and not enough about me and my family.

Now on my time away from work, when I think about computers and electronics it is for my pleasure and personal growth. For years I have wanted to build things with electronics to learn and have fun. I have once again gotten out my soldering iron and breadboard and am tinkering with building electronic circuits. one of the first projects is setting up temperature sensors so that I can track and log inside and outside temperatures where I live.

I will be writing about my trail down setting up, configuring and hopefully just having fun with some of the following technologies I have on my shelf:

  •  Raspberry Pi
  •  Arduino
  •  Ardrone quadrotor
  •  Lego Mindstorms
  •  my very dusty N Guage train set