Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Solar Energy Adventure #4

Wow it has been awhile....

The following picture is an update of the Solar Power Panel:

I have changed the way that I monitor the voltage and current drawn by my DC devices. I have added the 2 buss bars on the lower left. The positive buss bar is connected directly to the battery bank, The negative buss bar is connected to a 100A current shunt. 

In the picture below shows the small DC current buss which show voltage and current thru it. I had to change this as the previous one used a shunt and did not show low currents very well. The current meter below is able to handle up to 10A.

This buss is protected by an 8A in-line fuse. I run my raspberry pi's and power a 7 port USB hub that I charge my phone, tablet etc from.

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