Monday, May 23, 2016

Start of my Solar Energy Adventure Part 1

Here is my homemade rack for my 2 80 Watt Sharp panels I got from my brother. The picture below is the rack on it's back before I mounted the 2 panels (laying to the left in picture).

Here is a picture of the panels attached to the rack.

Here is a close up of the panel to rack mounting.

Here is the rack setup against the south facing side of the back yard fence.

In the above picture you can see the pvc pipe that I placed to route the PV cables plus a cat 5 cable that I currently have a DS18B20 temperature sensor attached so that I can monitor the temperature just behind the panels. The pvc pipe goes along the lower side of the fence and then is buried underground as it gets closer to the house as there is a slope to the back yard.

In my next post I will have some pictures of the Solar Charger and battery setup in the basement above my workspace.

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